ShiChaHai Sports School has the authority to accept foreign students given by the Beijing government. ShiChaHai Sports School was established in 1958, since then Shi Cha Hai has trained many famous athletes and movie stars. For example WuShu star Jet Li, Li Xia, Hao Zhi Hua, Wang qun, Wu Jing. and Liu Qing Hua. Ping Pong champions include Wang Tao, Teng Yi, Fan Chang Mao, Wang Chen, and Zhang Yi Ning. Gymnastics Champions include Ma Yan Hong, Zhang Jin Jing, and Kui Yuan Yuan. Taekwondo champions include Liu Hua Sheng, Liu Chuang. Shi Cha Hai Sports School is a place where athletes can realize their dreams. The coaches at Shi Cha Hai Sports School are all of the highest caliber. The famous coach Wu Bin has trained most of China's highest level Wu Shu athletes. Coach Wu is currently die chcif advisor of the Beijing Wushu Team. He has reached the highest level of coaching WuShu in China awarded by the Asian technical WuShu association. Coach Zhen Jiu Xia is Olympic gold medal winner Wang Tao' coach. He has been invited overseas numerous times to teach ping pong, and is fluent in the English language. During 2002 he was invited to Hong Kong to share his knowledge of ping-pong by the International Olympic Committee. All of Shi Cha Hai Sports School's coaches are of the highest leVel.

The total area of the schools various gyms is 13000 square meters. The condition of all the gyms is sure to satisfy the needs of athletes. Shi Cha Hai Sports School accepts foreign students from all countries, to participate in the following sports: WuShu, ping-pong, gymnastics, and badminton volley ball, boxing, sanda, and Taekwondo.
Students from the ages 6-19 can study in their chosen sporting event while attending elementary, middle, and high school. The Foreign Training Center is responsible for all foreign students training at Shi Cha Hai.

The Foreign Training Center is also responsible for obtaining the proper visa documents for foreign students.

Foreign Students dormitories are two to three persons per room and are equipped with a private bath, television, and air-conditioner. Meals are taken at the athlete's cafeteria. If the student sustains irqury he/she can be treated at the schools state of the art medical center. In students free time trips will be arranged to Beiing's various cultural Hubs.

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