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A Brief Introduction of Sun Jianyun, a famous Master of Sun's Style Taijiquan
Yang Zhenduo, a Famous Master of Yang's Style Taijiquan
Chen Zhenglei,a Famous Master of chen's Style Taijiquan
Sun Yongtian,a Famous Master of sun's Style Taijiquan
A Brief Introduction of Li Bingci, a famous Master of Wu's Style Taijiquan


Seeking for collaboration is the most authoritative Taijiquan web site in China, which belongs to the China Taijiquan Master's Society founded by the famous Taijiquan masters from diverse schools, Sun jianyun ,Yang zhenduo, Chen zhenglei and Sun yongtian. is now seeking for collaboration with organizations or persons, in Taijiquan teaching, Taijiquan tourism or developing other related service projects, that could take advantage of our rich Taijiquan resources.

Being Shi Cha Hai sports school introduction for foreign students

ShiChaHai Sports School has the authority to accept foreign students given by the Beijing government. ShiChaHai Sports School was established in 1958, since then Shi Cha Hai has trained many famous athletes and movie stars......


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