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By, we take inheriting and carrying forward the culture of Taijiquan as our mission, and regard disseminating the knowledge related to Taijiquan, lucubrating the profound mystery in Taijiquan, enhancing the level of Taijiquan, developing the communication about Taijiquan as our responsibility. By, we will offer a ground for you to study and probe the secrecy of Taijiquan, a place for you to learn and enjoy the excellent skills of Taijiquan, and a space for you to communicate your feelings and experiences in learning and practicing Taijiquan.

We have invited the top masters who are the leading exponents of various schools of Taijiquan in our country, such as Sun Jianyun, Sun Yongtian (Sun's style), Yang Zhenduo (Yang's style), Chen Zhenlei (Chen's style), Wang Haizhou (Zhaobao's style), and Zeng Nailiang who has trained many international champions and is the national drillmaster, etc. to be your guides. And also we have invited many experts who are scientists or social scholars and are accomplished in Taijiquan, to give you help, to answer and disabuse your questions.

Taijiquan is an important branch of the boxing in Chinese military arts. Various schools have formed in different styles, because the boxers' different understanding. Yang's Style Taijiquan is one of them, which came down from Yang Luchan, through his son, Yang Banhou, Yang Jianhou, and Yang Chenfu, his grandson, who made it perfect and spread widely. The most spread and internationally fashionable Taiji Simplified 24 Forms is developed on the base of Yang's style Taijiquan. Chen's Style Taijiquan originated from Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province. Wu's Style Taijiqauan was developed by Wu (吴) Jianquan. Wu's Style Taijiquan was advanced by Wu (武) Yuxiang and it becomes perfect gradually by Li Yiliou and Hao Weizhen (it is also called Hao's Style Taijiquan). And Sun's Style Taijiquan, which integrates Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguaquan, was innovated by Sun Lutang. And it is popular internationally.

Although there are different styles in Taijiquan, all of them follow the principles of Yin and Yang, emptiness and solidness in the ancient Chinese philosophy, and those in the book On Taijiquan written by Wang Zongyue, and the theory of Channels and Collaterals and Primordial Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thus Taijiquan is a boxing building both the inside and outside; it plays an active role in guarding the body, beating the enemy, keeping regimen and fitness, dispelling diseases and preventing being aged, and cultivating oneself through meditation, etc. Taijiquan is canonized and loved domestically and internationally.

It is still unknown that who innovated Taijiquan and when it began. Someone says that it came from Xu Xuanping and Li Daozi in the Tang Dynasty; someone says it was developed by Zhang Sanfeng, who lived in Wudang Mountain, in Song Dynasty (or between the end of the Yuan Dynasty and beginning of the Ming Dynasty); someone says that it was initiated by Chen Wangting, who lived between the end of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, in Wenxian County, Henan Province, … opinions vary, being unable to decide which is right. At least, we receive that the modern Taijiquan originates from Wenxian County, Henan Province, for the current fashionable schools: Yang's, Wu's (吴), Wu's (武) and Sun's, claim Wenxian County as their cradle. The further headstream of Taijiquan, however, is still in being searched after.

We look upon Taijiquan as a big family, esteeming each of the six schools, but not excluding other schools. We heartily hope everyone airs his or her opinion, introduces experiences on Let us study, probe the culture, headstream, mechanism of promoting health, the characters of beating techniques and arts of Taijiquan together, and do what little our can to help to develop the level of theory and skills of Taijiquan, and do our best to spread Taijiquan to the world.

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