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Chen Zhenglei,a Famous Master of chen's Style Taijiquan  

Master Chen Zhenglei was born in Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province - the cradle of Taijiquan, in May 1949. He is the nineteenth generation of the Chen's family, and the eleventh generation of Taijiquan, the director of the Institute of Chen's Taijiquan in Wenxian County, the chief drillmaster of the Center of Spreading Chenjiagou Taijiquan, China, the general drillmaster of Taijiquan of Henan Taiji Sport Company, LTD. the deputy director of the Center of Wushu management of Henan Province, state senior Wushu drillmaster, the member of Chinese Wushu Committee, the member of the China Sports Science Association, a mentor of social sports in state level, and one of "the ten famous Wushu master in China".

From his age of 8, Master Chen learnt boxing and weapons, such as Taijiquan passed in his family, and broadsword, spear, sword, pole etc. from his uncle, Chen Zhaopei, who was a famous Taijiquan master (the former honored professor in Nanjing Central Wushu Institution, the member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in 1964). He worked hard in experiencing and studying the boxing and its theory, until his uncle's death. Then he learnt from Chen Zhaokui, who was his father's cousin, practicing the boxing, push hand and theory passed by Chen Fake (a cousin of Chen Zhenglei's grandfather, a very famous Taijiquan master).

Chen Zhenlei takes succeeding the skills passed by his family and carrying forward the culture of Taijiquan as his life long aim. Therefore, he can repeatedly overcome various difficulties and hardship, and assiduously and perseveringly works hard to make his gongfu profound and genuine. His theory has achieved a new attitude. He is honored "The Buddha's warrior attendant of Taiji", enjoying high reputation domestically and internationally.

He had got more than ten awards in the competitions in Henan Province from 1974 to 1987, including gold medals and excellent awards of Taijiquan, sword, push hand, and won the national championship twice running. Being specially invited, he had attended and performed in the national Wushu competitions, and got exhibition award and "Gold Lion" award, etc.

His students had got 65 gold medals in provincial and national Wushu competitions, from 1989 to 1997.

He began to teach his boxing skills from 1972; people who have learnt Taijiquan from him have reached more than ten thousand person-times, spreading all over the world. Until December 1996, it was known that he had got 78 registered disciples in China, from the records announced in the ceremony of receiving disciples held in Chenjiagou. From 1981, he began to receive the groups that wanted to visit Chenjagou and learn Taijiquan; more than hundred groups arrived. In 1983, invited by foreign countries, Chen Zhenlei has visited more than 20 countries to teach Taijiquan, including Japan, USA, France, Italy, British, etc. He has been engaged as the consultants and honored presidents of more than fifty Wushu societies. Taiwan Wushu circle gave him a silk banner with characters "Reached the peak of perfection" to honor his boxing skills; and Malaysia Wushu circle gave him a silver plate with characters "The North Star of Tajiquan", enjoying high reputation in the Wushu circles domestically and internationally.

Chen Zhenglei commits himself to excavate and coordinate the treasure of Taiji culture besides teaching. From 1984, he engaged himself in researching theory and writing books on Taijiquan silently. His main works are: On the Ten Steps of Practice, The Collection of the Weapons of Taijiquan, The Regimen of Chen's Style Taijiquan, The Boxing Skills of Chen's Style Taijiquan, they are valuable information for learning and studying Taijiquan. Part of his works have been translated into Japanese, English, French, and Spanish etc. and are published in many countries. In 1988, the Publishing Company of High Education transcribed a teaching film The Boxing Skills of Chen Style Taijiquan Handed down through Generations, which is explained and demonstrated by Chen Zhenglei. In 1996, the People's Sports Publishing Company transcribed a series teaching films of Chen's Style Taijiquan, sword, push hand, and regimen exercise, taught by Chen Zhenlei. They have been translated into Japanese, English and Korean etc., and are issued all over the world. In 2000, a film of old frame of Taijiquan (the first and second routines), single sword, push hand and weapons for enjoyment, and a teaching film of the new frame of Taijiquan (the first routine) and regimen exercise were made and issued by the People's Sports Publishing Company and Yellow River Audio and Video Publishing Company, and are sold by Henan Taiji Sports and Health Strengthening Company, LTD. By these, Chen Zhenglei hopes to spread Taiji culture to benefit the people.

With his contribution to the improvement and promotion of Taijiquan, he has got more support from the people and state, and been accepted by the society. In 1986, he became a standing committee member of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. In 1988, he was elected a deputy to the Henan People's Congress. He had been the head of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School, the director of Pingdingshan Taiji Shaolin Wushu Institute. His name has been listed in the following books and dictionaries: the Dictionary of Celebrity of Current Chinese Education, the Dictionary of Current Chinese Famous Wushu Masters, the Dictionary of Chinese Folk Wushu Masters, the Current Outstanding persons in Reform, the Assemble of Current Personnel, and the Collection of Famous Persons in the World, etc.

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