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A Brief Introduction about Taijiquan

Taijiquan is one of the unique events of military arts in China, which is a sport of building both the inside and outside (calming the mind and cultivating characters inside; exercising and building the body outside); it regards flexibility and softness as its essence, hardness and upright as its methods. ......


The Hand-shape, Eye-focus, Body-movement, Application method, and Footwork of Yang Chengfu's Taijiquan

There are strict requirements on the hand-shape, eye-focus, body-movement, application methods, and footwork in Yang style Taijiquan, only when the requirements are met a good result could be achieved in the set forms and push-hand practice. So the five words have generalized the five aspects of Taijiquan which should be paid attention. The following tells the details of each.

I. Hand-shape II. Eyes  III. Body  IV. Application method  V. Footwork

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Being Shi Cha Hai sports school introduction for foreign students

ShiChaHai Sports School has the authority to accept foreign students given by the Beijing government. ShiChaHai Sports School was established in 1958, since then Shi Cha Hai has trained many famous athletes and movie stars......


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