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A Brief Introduction of Sun Jianyun,
a famous Master of Sun's Style Taijiquan  

Sun Jianyun, whose other names are Guinan, Shuting, is the daughter of Sun Lutang, who was a famous Wushu master and the founder of Sun's Taijiquan. She is a current famous master of Sun's Style Taijiquan, one of the most famous Wushu masters in China, Wushu 9 rank. She was born in Wangdu, Hebei Province, in 1914. Graduated from Peking Arts School, she had learnt Chinese painting and writing, especially, being good at the paintings of landscapes and beautiful women. Therefore, she is a great master with both civil and military. She undertakes her family tradition, and has got the essences and soul of Xingyiquan, Eight Trigram Palm and Taijiquan. Following her father, Sun Lutang, she had taught Taijiquan in Wushu gymnasium of Juangsu Province. After the establishment of the new China, invited by deputy premier He Long, she had been the chief referee of Wushu in the first National Games. She had got a Wushu award of Contribution of the International Wushu Day held in China. She had held the posts: deputy president of Beijing Wushu Association, director of Beijing Sun's Style Taijiquan Institute, honored director of Xingyiquan Institute, the committeewoman of Xicheng District, Beijing, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Her works include The Records of Sun Lutang's Learning Military, Sun's Style Taijiquan, The Simplified Routine of Sun's Style Taijiquan, Xingyi Sword, Eight Forms of Xingyi, etc.

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