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Sun Yongtian,a Famous Master of Sun's Style Taijiquan  

Sun Yongtian, whose ancestral home was Cangzhou, Hebei Province, was born in Beijing. Now he is the chairman of the board and general manager of Hangtian Shenlong Car selling and Service Company, LTD., the committeeman of Beijing Wushu Association. He is the third-generation manager of Sun's Style Taijiquan, deputy director of Sun's Style Taijiquan Institute, honored lifelong director of Sun's Style Taijiquan in USA and Hong Kong.
Master Sun Yongtian likes Wushu very much as a boy, having learnt Long Boxing, Tang Boxing and many kinds of weapons, being of solid basic training in Wushu. Since 70's last century, he had entered various competitions and got many gold medals. In 1982, he began to learn Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Taiji sword, push hand, etc., from Sun Jianyun, the second-generation manager of Sun's Style Taijiquan. He has got the essences of Taijiquan and Xingyiquan for his many years' hard work in hot summers and cold winters; and he spreads Sun Lutang's thought in military actively, and inherits and popularizes Sun's Style Taijiquan sparing no effort. Recommended by Sun Jianyun, who had widely solicited the opinions from the disciples in the school, Master Sun Yongtian became the third-generation manager of Sun's Tainquan school in 1995, because of his excellence in arts and moral, respecting the teachers and paying attention to education, solidifying the colleagues, and outstanding ability of management, though he is not of kin with Sun Jianyun (According to the convention, the manager of a school should be only passed to the person of one's family member. Sun Yongtian is not Sun Jianyun's family member though his surname is also Sun). As the manager of the school, he has made outstanding contribution to Sun's Style Taijiquan by his actions. He helped Sun Jianyun to sort and publish the works The Records of Sun Lutang's Learning Military, in which Sun Lutang, the great master of Taijiquan's essences of his learning Wushu is included, and this fulfils the expectation of the broad fans of Taijiquan. In June 2001, he set a bronze of Sun Lutang in memory the great master at Beijing Wenquan Baiting Park.

Sun Yongtian has got great accomplishments in both skills and theory of boxing, since, for a long time, he helps Sun Jianyun to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture of Taiji, sort Sun Lutang's works on Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguaquan, Taiji sword, and he researches the theory of Taijiquan deeply while he is practicing. He had performed Sun's Style Taijiquan at various exhibitions of performances and sodalities organized by Chinese Wushu Institution, Beijing Wushu Association and Beijing Wushu Institute, and the Wushu circle have high opinion of his performances. He had got the title of "Excellent Wushu Counselor of Beijing" many times.

Taking Taijiquan as the culture of his enterprise, he insists on teaching his young employees to Taijiquan every morning, all the year around, and he corrects the students' actions, explains the main points of every forms and the theory, on every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, teaching by personal examples as well as verbal instruction diligently. Now his efforts have got rich fruits: The Sun's Style Taijiquan team trained and organized by him had won special award at the first Taijiquan Health Games of the World; some of his students won second, third and fourth awards; at the competitions of Taijiquan, sword, push hand held in Beijing, his students won all the medals from the first to the sixth. What is more, by edification of Taiji Culture, the young employees in his company observe the labor principle and abide by the law, and keep forging ahead, as further proves that his originality introducing traditional culture into a modern enterprise management is successful.

Master Sun Yongtian is working hard in the field of Taijiquan with emphasis, honesty and persistence, in the hope of spreading and carrying forward the culture of Taijiquan.

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