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A Brief Introduction of Li Bingci, a famous Master of Wu's Style Taijiquan  

Li Bingci, Male, Han nationality, was born in Beijing in November 1929. He had learnt Taijiquan, Zha Style Boxing, Dabei Boxing, Xingyi Boxing, Six Conformities Mantis Boxing and Cheng's Style Eight Trigram Palm from Yang Yuting, Chang Zhenfang, Shi Zhenggang, Luo Xingwu, Shan Xiangling, Liu Tanfeng, who are famous masters, from 1949 to 1982.

Now he is a mentor of social sports in state level, first degree Wushu drillmaster, honored committeeman of Chinese Wushu Association, judge in state level, the committeeman of Beijing Wushu Association, honored director of Wushu Institute of Dongcheng District, deputy president of Wushu Association of Dongcheng District, and the director of Wu's Style Taijiquan Institure of Beijing. He had been the standing committee member of Dongcheng District, Beijing, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He had been the drillmaster of Taijiquan training courses in the International Club in Beijing, for 8 years, from 1975; many wives of ambassadors had learnt Taijiquan from him including W. Bush's. He had been the drillmaster of Chinese Taijiquan Delegation in 1993. In 1995, he was commented to be "one of the one hundred Wushu master in China" by the Chinese Wushu Association and Wushu Sports management Center of the State Physical Culture and Sports Commission. In 1997, he was chosen to be 7th Rank Whushu master of the first batch through public appraisal.

As a child, he began to learn Wushu to remove diseases and strengthen his body, and then followed his master Yang Yuting for 36 years. Thus, he learnt a lot and both his virtue and skills are excellent. He decided to pay back his master's grace by spreading what he had learnt from him. From 1956 to 1963, he had entered many competitions in municipal or national levels, and gained awards. He had won the fourth of Taijiquan in the First National Sports Games and the honored the title of "Good Athlete". For more than 30 years, he engaged in teaching, training, examining and appraising, judging, investigation in Wushu circle, and cultivated a great deal of excellence personnel domestically and internationally, including: Liu Wei, who had won the national men's championship of Taijiquan for nine years running, Zong Weijie, who had won the national women's championship of Taijiquan for six years running, Wang Wen, Wang Ge, Wang Xiaoyan, Jing Demin, Wen Jing, Tong Hongyun, Feng Hongkun, who continued to keep the men's and women's championship and running-up. Many of his students went to colleges of sports, Han Yiqiang is one of them, who had set and broken new world records of men's team parachuting four times. He had taken part in the reading and editing of the course of the "Four forms Taijiqung" competition routine, 42 forms Taiji sword and push hand. He had written the books: A Collection of Selected Specimens of Series Secrets of Yang Yuting's Taijiquan, and The Essential of the Boxing and Weapons of Wu's Style Taijiquan with Wong Fuqi, one of junior fellow apprentice. He had answered questions as one of the six very famous Taijquan master in a special column in The Journal of Chinese Wushu, last January. Now his is busy in writing a book on the traditional routines of Wu's Style Taijiquan for examination of primary ranks.

For more than 30 years, he has received many foreign visitors and teams of Taijiquan, and has gone to Japan and Singapore to give lectures on Taijiquan, having trained a lot of excellent international Taijiquan lettermen. He established Dongcheng Wushu gymnasium that is the first base opened to the public, in 1980, and he was the dean and deputy director of the gymnasium. He had transcribed boxing, sword, broadsword, pole and push hand of Wu's Style Taijiquan, invited by Beijing Film Studio, People's Publishing Company and Beijing Sports University in 1995.

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