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IV. Application method  

Yang zhenji

There are two different opinions on the word "method" at present: one is refereed to the application methods of each form in the whole set of Taijiquan, and the other means the method should be part of the body movement, to be more exact, the application of the body movement. Here the first one is preferred which is thought to be more traditional.

To practice Yang style Taijiquan, the meaning of real martial art application in each and every form should be well understood despite each form containing a number of application actions. So the method here means the offending and defending application mentioned in the book "The Practice and Application of Taijiquan" written by Mr. Yang Chengfu, the ones how to react to the opponent's attack. When practicing the set forms, there should be the sense of defending and offending, for sure it is only the exercise to deal with the "imagined opponent". But the "imagined opponent" could make you to concentrate your mind more on the practice and keep yourself calmed down, so the longer you practice, the more interested you will get. What needs to be pointed out is when doing push-hand practice or the real martial art competition, the methods designed in the forms are not strictly followed, but rather react automatically to the opponent's change of tactics and strategy. Therefore, the "methods" should be practiced so skilled in mind that you need no thinking of them but they will appear to be in use whenever they are in need. You need to understand the "methods" first then they can come to you naturally. It is also said in the book "On Taijiquan" that "To start with, to skill your application methods, then to understand how to feel the force, and finally to be up to the supreme level." This is the only way of learning the martial art of Taijiquan.                  >>next

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