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Yang Zhenduo, a Famous Master of Yang's Style Taijiquan  

Yang Zhenduo is a famous master of Ynag's Style Taijiquan, and one the important successor of Yang's Style Taijiquan. He was born in Yongnian County, Hebei Province, and is the third son of Yang Chengfu. As a boy he learnt Taijiquan, broadsword, sword and push hand passed by his family from his father. He arrived in Shanxi Province in 1951, and since then, he engages in spreading and promulgation of Taijiquan. In 1979 and 1980, he had entered the exhibition competitions of national Wushu viewing and emulating and communication, won first class award and excellent award. In 1982, he held the post of the director of Yang's Style Taijiquan of Shanxi Province. In 1983, he was honored "A famous master of Taijiquan" in an exhibition competition in Shanghai, and also he had performed at an international Wushu invitational tournament held in Nanjing; he was appraised advanced individual in sports. In 1984, he had performed at an international tournament held in Wuhan, and gave lectures to the foreign fans of Wushu. In 1985, he went to Singapore to enter the second competition of viewing and emulating and communication of Taijiquan. After a performance, he had taught boxing there. He had gone to France to teach boxing three times, in 1986; his students were from 17 different countries. In 1989, invited by Chinese Wushu Institution, he held the post of the national drillmaster of the training course of routines for competition of Taijiquan.

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