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II. Eyes  

Yang zhenji

Great attention is paid on eye movement in Yang style Taijiquan. It is said that when Mr. Yang Chengfu did push hand or fought with others, he would give a look at the opponent when discharging a breaking force, and the opponent would be thrown away toward where he looked. In Mr. Yang Shaohou's portrait, there is a shining brightness in his eyes which is the result of long-term practice of eye movement and the sign of vigorous internal Qi.

Mr. Yang Chengfu said: "Usually the eyes look forward horizontally, but the look should be shifted along with the body movement. Although it seems that the vision is toward the vacancy, it is also an important action in the body movement as a whole which thus can mend the insufficiency of the body movement."

The requirements for the eye movement are:
1. Looking straight forward: In ordinary case, the eyes look straight forward through the hand in front. For sure the eye would be in contact with the front hand, but it is not a stare at it. The eyes could also look down, but it all depends on which movement of the forms is under way, especially the actions of the major fighting hand to decide where the eye should look at.

2. The eyesight is always active: The principle of eye movement is to follow the movement of the body. Whenever the body moves, the eyes follow, so the eyes look to the direction where the body turns. The movement of Taijiquan is the continuous advancing, retreating, and the left/right movement which all need the motion of lumbar region to fulfill. Thus the eyes look around with the turning of the lumbar region.

3. The eyes are in good conformity with the mind: Eye is the seedling of the mind. When there is an idea appearing in the mind, the eyes would reflect it. If the eyes could not coordinate with the movement, it indicates the incoordination between the interior and the exterior. Eye movement plays an important role in the push-hand practice, focus should be laid on all the upper, lower, and middle parts of the opponent, noticing the favorable and unfavorable position to grasp in the dynamic state the favorable moment for yourself so to leave the opponent in the unfavorable state.

4. Eye movement is natural: When the eyes are under action, there is neither the wide opening nor the closing of eyes, and the spirit is kept deep inside. Whether the eyes are in correct use is closely related to the principle of "keeping the head erect". When the head is kept erect, there will be a good spirit and concentration of mind, so the eyesight is bright and sharp.  >>next

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